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We can Help! 

Here at WanderHosts we’re here to help you get your Boutique Hotels on short term rental platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO, etc. This is something that we do while managing short term rentals but here we’re focusing on what we can do for you to bring in more business for your boutique hotels.


Hotel occupancy rates are decreasing year by year due to these short-term rental platforms, it is an opportunity not to be missed!


Airbnb is one of the fastest growing companies in history and currently there is 30 Airbnb guests for every 1 Airbnb host across the world.

Working with us marketing your property we can help you fill that demographic with our marketing techniques on these short-term rental platforms. 

Pricing Optimisation

We undertake monthly reviews of your property listing, to give your rooms the best price to get more guests staying at your boutique hotel, bringing in more revenue. A lot of the time we do this ourselves by the knowledge of the area and the competition but also using a detailed programme to make this more accurate.

Image by Chris Liverani
Image by Merakist

SEO Experts

Using our knowledge of marketing throughout the internet and years of practice we can optimise how your property is seen. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) “is the process of optimising your online content”. At WanderHosts we strive at getting your property as the top results using keywords.

Not Changing your System

We’re not here to change anything that you’ve got set up, we’re only here to help and improve on your business.

We tie in with the system that you use, using short term rental websites will require different systems/calendars, if you’re not aware of what you need to do, you’d usually get a developer involved but we will do this for free as part of our package. We will cross synchronise all calendars so if an adjustment is made on one calendar it is made on all.

Image by Merakist


As like before we’re not asking you to change anything other than your marketing strategy, but even with that you can keep what you’re doing already and we’ll add to it. Here we’re looking to improve the traffic to your site/rooms/property using marketing techniques focused on Short Term Holiday Rental sites, like Airbnb etc.

Customer Communication

We understand that communication is so important in having return customers and getting new custom and we will cover it all to take the pressure of your, from the time a potential customer wants to book in, check in instructions, messages during their stay, thank you messages for when they leave and lastly reviews, will all be handled by our team.

Image by Pavan Trikutam
Image by Joe Yates


As part of our package, we will optimise adverts for you. Using our expertise and knowing what works and what kind of customer to focus on we will run adverts from such engines as Google, Facebook etc.

Free Professional Photography

As professional photographers we can take new photographs for your boutique hotel, it’s rooms for free. 


Of course, if it’s something you’ve already got, we will happily use those.

Image by Patrick

Final Say

You as a client is really important to us, we want to work with you as closely as possible, almost like we’re not there and you’re getting new business than you normally would, that’s why YOU will have final say in everything from the look, photos and putting the rooms on our accounts.

What will this cost you? 

We are an all in one no fee marketing agency for short term rentals, we will charge you nothing to set up and going forward, the only commission we take is of any bookings that we make for you.

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